How do you pronounce that? krép-uh-skewl . What is it? It’s a party in the park right before it gets dark! 

Picture a musical performance that is created from the imagination and talents of many different people from many different communities and expressed through many different mediums. Artistic Director, originator and composer Douglas R. Ewart orchestrates this collective composition/musical theatre that includes scores (sometimes hundreds) of musicians, visual artists, dancers, puppeteers, actors martial artists, maritime practitioners and children.

Crepuscule is a project conceived and directed by Mr. Ewart and is currently based in three U.S cities: Chicago, Minneapolis and Philadelphia. The Jazz Institute and Mr. Ewart recently collaborated with the Banlieues Bleues Festival in Paris, France to unite the diverse artistic and ethnic cultures of Paris’ inner city communities through this singularly unique experience.

Nyahbingi music is a synthesis of Kumina and Burru music. The Nyahbingi bass drum, is also called the thunder drum or heart beat; the Funde, representing the excited heart beat, and the Repeater (Akette/Kete/Kette/Peta) the drum that embodies aspects of the Funde and is the principal improviser and the eloquent propagator of complex syncopated rhythms, accents, tempos, textures and dynamics.

The bass drum will sometimes improvise but will return to its time keeping function. Some of the best Nyahbingi drums are constructed of cedar wood, goatskin and steel tuning mechanisms. The Funde and the Repeater are played with bare hands, and the bass drum with a mallet. 

“Ewart Sonic Tops,” is based on the universality of tops, as nearly all cultures have developed some kind of top. Tops are magical, cosmic, mystical and beautiful. Two crucial aspects of life that tops represents and reflect are movements and vibrations, which are so paramount to our existence and survival. The imaginative conduct/behavior that tops elicit from humans is inestimable and boundless.

Tops are complex in terms of the physical and metaphoric aspects that they represent regarding our planet, the solar system and the countless galaxies and universes. The uses of top-like parts in simple and complex machines/tools are numerous and have been crucial to the advancement and comfort of human life.