Nyahbingi Drum Choir & AACM Experimental Ensemble at Chicago Jazz Festival

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Chicago Cultural Center , 77 E. Randolph, Chicago, IL

 Chicago Jazz Festival Schedule - Friday September 3rd
Chicago Cultural Center, 77 E. Randolph
Claudia Cassidy Theater
1:45-2:45 pm - AACM Experimental Ensemble
The AACM Experimental Ensemble is slotted for Friday 3rd September, at 1:45 at the Cultural Center, in the Claudia Cassidy Theater (that's the one on the second floor, at the northern end of the building).

AACM Experimental Ensemble

Anne E. Ward, Piano, Voice and Percussion
Renee Baker, Violin
Mwata Bowden, Winds and Percussion
Taalib-Din Ziyad, Vocals and Flute
Saalik Ziyad, Vocals
Art Turk Burton, Congas, Bongos and Percussion
Harrison Bankhead, Cello
Vincent Davis, Drums, Marimbas
Avreeayl Ra, Drums
Daruis Savage, Bass
Coco Elysses, Congas and Percussion
Douglas R. Ewart, Winds, Voice and Percussion

Age limit: All ages