Perhaps best known as a composer, improviser, sculptor and maker of masks and instruments, Douglas R. Ewart is also an educator, lecturer, arts organization consultant and all around visionary. In projects done in diverse media throughout an award-winning and widely-acclaimed 40-year career, Mr. Ewart has woven his remarkably broad gifts into a single sensibility that encourages and celebrates--as an antidote to the divisions and compartmentalization afflicting modern life-the wholeness of individuals in culturally active communities.  Read more...

Nyahbingi Drum Choir CD 
The latest album from Nyahbingi Drum Choir, "Velvet Drum Meditations" is available for purchase on the Music page. Click here for  CD mp3 download.  The physical CD also available for purchase on the Music page.  "Velvet Drum Meditations," which is dedicated to Fred Anderson and Oswald "Count Ossie" Williams & The Mystic Revelations of Rastafari takes us on a wonderful journey of the music and chants that are generally associated with the Rastafari Liturgy. 



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BP They Making New Dead Sea

BP is created in the tradition of calypso, mento, samba, rara, jonkunuu/johncanoe, gossip songs, griots, Annancy Stories and other forms of storytelling. The composition deals with the topical, satirical, sarcastic, real and mythological aspects of life. Brian Heller, recording and remixing engineer.

Babylon Burning

This is an opportune time for Jamaica to advance its spiritual, social, political, and economic development. The government of Jamaica must start by dismantling all Garrisons and like communities throughout Jamaica. It is a daunting task, but it must be tackled and achieved. Any positive aspect that Garrison communities have must be retained and there are many such aspects. We must refrain from stereotyping people who reside in these communities, as there are many contributing citizens within them. Jamaica must cleanse and restructure the police, customs, military, clergy and politicians. Jamaica must first acknowledge and accept that sweeping changes must be implemented swiftly. Are Jamaicans really prepared to make the kind of changes and sacrifices necessary to change the country’s current trajectory, and positively transform Jamaica?    Read More...